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Last Week in Queensland – 29 May 2017

Schapelle Corby’s release and the McCulkin murder trial and verdict drove a lot of other news* out, but:

Adani mine subsidies or maybe not, divisions in the State Government, and multiple scandals for One Nation Party … last week in Queensland.




Opposition and Crossbench






Economy and Infrastructure



  • Queensland’s Parliament sat last week, and next sits from Tuesday 13 June to Friday 16 June – that’s budget week, which will be presented on the Tuesday
  • The notice paper for the next sittings of the Queensland Parliament can be downloaded here
  • The Queensland Parliament’s summary of what’s new, including newly-introduced and passed legislation, is here
  • Federal Parliament sat last week, and again this week, from Monday 29 May to Thursday 1 June – the House of Representatives will be sitting, and Senate Estimates Committees will be in session

    Federal Parliament House

  • The forward agenda for the Federal Parliament can be found here


Sleeper Issues?











* We’re not representing that this is a complete coverage of news in Queensland – it certainly isn’t, and it’s what we find interesting or important, and sometimes what’s unusual.  Some of the links will require subscriptions to read content.