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Queensland’s Federal Redistribution Finalised

Finalisation of the redistribution of Queensland’s federal electorate boundaries has been announced by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Of the 30 electorates, 12 had no change to their boundaries, and changes to the boundaries of the remaining 18 electorates were small.

Antony Green from the ABC analysed the draft boundaries back in October, and the finalised boundaries appear almost exactly the same as the draft boundaries. You can access his October analysis here

You can access the draft boundaries, including a comparison with the old boundaries, by downloading the maps from the Australian Electoral Commission here Finalised boundary maps will not be available until the end of March 2018.

Before the next Federal Election, six of the eight states and territories require redistributions. The electorate boundaries have now been finalised for Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and Queensland.




Last Week in Queensland – 30 May 2016

last-week-logo-2Government proposals for superannuation see angst arising, and, sadly, ongoing violence at Aurukun community led the news* last week in Queensland.



The Opposition and Crossbench






Economy and Infrastructure



  • Opening Parliament 2015Queensland’s Parliament next sits for the State Budget, from Tuesday 14 June to Friday 17 June; the budget will be presented on 14 June
  • The Queensland Parliament’s summary of what’s new, including newly-introduced and passed legislation, is here
  • The Federal Parliament has been prorogued until after the Federal Election on 2 July – see



* We’re not representing that this is a complete coverage of news in Queensland – it certainly isn’t, and it’s what we find interesting or important, and sometimes what’s unusual.  Some of the links will require subscriptions to read content.