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Better Brainstorming

brainstorming-dollarEthical Consulting Services runs many training sessions for clients, and we often include brainstorming* sessions.

This short article has some great ideas for making brainstorming sessions work better – watch out for us to be inflicting them upon you, and feel free to test them out for yourself:


*     Here’s a bit of an explanation if you have never met “brainstorming” before and aren’t sure what it is:



Better Meetings: How?

meeting-angry-dollarDo you spend too much time in meetings that drive you nuts and waste your time?

There’s remarkably little good advice around, about how to make your meetings better, so we’re fixing that.

You can try:

  • this article from Bob Holderness-Rodham, which is reasonably simple and basic, or
  • this blog post from us, which is a bit deeper, or
  • this article from the Institute of Company Directors, which is mostly for higher-level and more formal meetings but does have many good suggestions,

or send us a message – we’re already helping others out with training and mentoring, customised to their needs!