US Elections – We’re on Radio


Steve Austin, 612 ABC

Steve Austin, compere of the 612 ABC Mornings programme has interviewed Ethical Consulting Services partner Mike Smith ahead of Mike’s trip to Philadelphia to volunteer inside Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.  The interview was broadcast on Thursday 6 October.

You can access the interview here: but only for the next seven days.

The whole program is interesting, of course, but the interview with Mike Starts at about 2 hours and 16 minutes into the program – you can use the slider to move ahead to that part of the program.

Half of the Ethical Consulting Services team – that would be Mike – will be embedded within the US Presidential campaign, from 10 October: this year, US election day is 8 November.




About Mike Smith

Partner in Ethical Consulting Services:; Ethical strategies and programs which get you where you need to go ... * Exceptional government & stakeholder relations, * Thriving governance systems, * Specialised project facilitation, * Inbound investment assistance, * Successful marketing, communications and PR campaigns ... and customised training in each of these areas.

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