Last Week in Queensland – 26 April 2016

Photo by Ukraine Today

Photo by Ukraine Today

Dominating last week’s news* was outrage, some of it confected, over the State Government’s no-notice restoration of compulsory preferential voting, in response to the Opposition’s no-notice expansion of Parliament, whilst the Courier Mail continues to demand Government spending on nearly everything, and discovers the only way to afford it is sale of Government assets.




The Opposition and Crossbench

Opposition Leader Springborg

Opposition Leader Springborg






Economy and Infrastructure

Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer


Parliamentparl house

  • Queensland’s Parliament sat last week from Tuesday 19 April 2016 to Thursday 21 April; there will be two weeks of further sittings in May (10th to 12th and 24th to 26th) before the State Budget on 14 June
  • The Queensland Parliament’s summary of what’s new, including newly-introduced and passed legislation, is here
  • The Federal Parliament – both Houses – sat on Tuesday and Wednesday 18 and 19 April 2016, and sits again from 2 May for the early budget on 3 May 2016 – see


Sleeper Issues?




* We’re not representing that this is a complete coverage of news in Queensland – it certainly isn’t, and it’s what we find interesting or important, and sometimes what’s unusual.  Some of the links will require subscriptions to read content.



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