New Northern Territory Government-in-Waiting

The new Northern Territory Labor Shadow Cabinet announced today by Territory Opposition Leader Michael Gunner includes a new  portfolio of Open and Transparent Government*, to be held by the Opposition Leader himself.

Michael might be a bit unknown to those outside the Territory, even though he has a very good chance to be the next Chief Minister.  You can learn a bit about him here: and here

Labor has only eight Members in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, and all but Delia Lawrie (recently resigned as Opposition Leader) have been given Shadow portfolios.

The portfolios:

Michael Gunnergunner_michael
Leader of the Opposition

  • Major Projects
  • Northern Australia Development
  • Shadow Treasurer
  • Police Fire and Emergency Services
  • Open and Transparent Government
  • Business
Lynne Walkerwalker_lynne
Deputy Leader of the Opposition

  • Health
  • Tourism
  • Public Employment
  • Statehood
  • Women’s Policy
  • Attorney-General and Justice

Biography here.

Natasha Fylesfyles_natasha
Opposition Whip

  • Corrections
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Racing Gaming and Licensing
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Lands and Planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Climate Change

Biography here.

Gerry McCarthymccarthy_gerry

  • Employment and Training
  • Science and Innovation
  • Local Government
  • Community Services
  • Natural Resources
  • Environment
  • Arts and Museums

Biography here.

Ken Vowlesvowles_ken

  • Indigenous Policy
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Resources
  • Mines and Energy
  • Primary Industries
  • Fisheries
  • Transport
  • Asian Relations and Trade
  • Central Australia

Biography here.

Nicole Manisonmanison_nicole

  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Parks and Wildlife
  • Essential Services
  • Defence Support
  • Government Accountability*

Biography here.

Lauren Mossmoss-lauren

  • Child Protection
  • Family and Children’s Services
  • Disability and Mental Health
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Senior and Young Territorians
  • Corporate and Information Services
  • Public and Affordable Housing

Biography here.


* It is unclear how the Opposition Leader’s portfolio of Open and Transparent Government and Nicole Manison’s portfolio of Government Accountability will interact.

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