Queensland Labor Government: Big Agenda

annastacia-and-team-kateUpdate: as we get further away from the election, some of the links below to ALP campaign resources are becoming defunct.

Rumour had it Queensland Labor had no policies in the 2015 State Election, but there are plenty – 50 on their website here, and more, smaller, announcements amongst letters to stakeholder groups and media releases (here).  In addition, there’s the brand new Queensland Australian Labor Party platform (here) completely rewritten during 2014 in conformity with Annastacia Palaszczuk’s and the then-Shadow Ministers’, priorities.

But what’s important amongst all of that?  If you turn to Ms Palaszczuk’s Campaign Launch speech, and the balance of policies released, you’ll find a focus on

  • employment growth,
  • skills and industry,
  • respecting the electorate,
  • institutions of transparency and integrity,
  • a debt repayment schema that avoids asset sales, and
  • the winding back of cuts to environmental protections, services, and community facilities.
Photo by Andrew Kesper

Photo by Andrew Kesper

While implementation details are not always spelled out*, that’s a pretty big agenda – quite the reverse of what the media have reported – which adds up to reversing the social engineering experiment that was the Newman Government.

To the extent that details aren’t set out, and their discussions with non-Government MPs don’t constrain them, the Palaszczuk Labor Government** has an blank slate, for how they implement that ambitious package.


* They almost never are, during Australian election campaigns.
** Yes, I’m calling the election result, today, with absolutely no authority or insider perspective except overconfidence in my mathematical ability.


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  1. We need to introduce short courses and degrees in “Reading between political lines”. It could be saving us a lot of pain both State and Federally and who knows, maybe we could even have a functioning democracy!

    • Thanks, Maxine (Max??) and thanks for following the blog.

      I know this might sound terribly superior, but it needs to be more basic than that – I’ve taught University courses where some students didn’t understand we had three levels of Government; I’ve had Government Relations clients – business people – who had a similar lack of interest.

      Mike S

      • Wow, it’s pretty scary really and could explain a lot as to why people are so unhappy with our leaders when the election was a landslide. I touch on this a bit in my two blog posts in regards to what’s happening on Canberra (I’m a newbie to blogging so plan on doing more!).

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