Queensland Labor Government? Yes? No?

palaszczuk_annastaciaDo we have an Australian Labor Party Government in Queensland, and for how long?

Now that Independent Member of Parliament Peter Wellington has declared his hand and will support Labor, it seems quite likely that Annastacia Palaszczuk will become Queensland’s Premier, and Labor become Queensland’s Government, next week.  Labor appears likely* to secure at least 44 seats in their own right, in the new Queensland Parliament: the support of Peter Wellington gives them a scant majority.

Any Ferny Grove by-election is almost certainly at least five or six months from conclusion, if it ever happens – after Labor’s first State budget – so Labor will have a lengthy opportunity to prove their credentials, and the LNP will have the same time to discredit them.

While the two Katter’s Australian Party MPs are yet to declare their support, if any, for anyone, it makes great sense for Labor to continue to pursue the support of both Rob Katter and Shane Knuth, the two KAP MPs.  If overt support isn’t forthcoming, there’s still sense in Labor looking to accommodate their views as far as they can be, and developing a good working relationship with them.

But don’t be surprised if KAP don’t back either side – if their votes don’t determine which of the big parties becomes the Government, then refusing to support either Labor or the LNP might make the best sense to the KAP’s supporters, and allows them to oppose and propose whatever they wish, and make deals issue by issue.



 * Unless there’s an error in the count by the ECQ – e.g. a bundle of 100 votes in the wrong candidate’s pile, which happens once in a while, but is always found and fixed – there are so few votes left to count (presuming 8% don’t vote) that it is almost certain the LNP will win Whitsunday, and that the ALP will win Maryborough and Ferny Grove.


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  1. The KAP wants the govt it supports to build rail lines to Galilee Basin Coal Mines – lines which are the business of the Mine Corporations. Other lines and other more sustainable industries should be supported by government. Climate change will be a huge cost on future farmers and communities.

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