What IS A “Policy Instrument,” Anyway?

WWI Surgical Instruments

WWI Surgical Instruments

A Government decision is just a starting point: unless something comes after it – action – nothing happens.

A decision might be made by Cabinet, or an individual Minister, or a public servant: but unless somebody implements something or does something, as a follow-up, the decision means nothing.

In Government, the things that give effect to decisions are called “Policy Instruments”.

Here’s a list of some examples*, which I pinched from a Queensland Government website: http://bit.ly/1Gmwzjr

They give you an idea of the kinds of things that can be done to deliver outcomes – note that none of them are decisions, but all are actions giving effect to decisions.


* Not a complete list, and they use categories particular to their own needs, but it will give you an idea of the range of instruments available to Government.

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