Campbell’s Tactical Cleverness

Photo by Andrew Kesper

Photo by Andrew Kesper

Calling the Queensland election only days after another credible poll showing the Liberal National Party and Australian Labor Party level pegging at 50/50 is tactically very smart, but not for the reasons proposed by some analysts.

It’s suggest here that Campbell Newman has called the election now because he doesn’t want to risk things getting worse, but there’s a much stronger reason than that.

The LNP know that much of the swing back to Labor since 2012 is not a vote of confidence in Labor, but a protest vote against the Newman Government.  They also know that a sizable proportion of those protesters don’t yet have enough confidence in Labor to return an ALP Government.

So, the LNP are going to spend the next 26 days telling Queenslanders that they mustn’t lodge a protest vote because they risk accidentally installing a Labor Government.

Last weekend’s poll is exactly what the LNP needed to credibly sell that critical message, reinforcing this earlier poll.

Queenslanders should get ready to drown in ads that say “A few votes in a few seats will see Labor in Government again – this poll proves it – don’t take the risk”.

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