Myths & Legends of Lobbying

burke grill charged smallWhen you judge a football code, is your gauge the player who starts bar fights, uses steroids, and is sacked by their club?

Jack Abramoff is not the acme of lobbyists, he’s a crook; Brian Burke is not really a government relations consultant, he’s a corrupter of proper process.

Real lobbyists and government relations consultants help those who can’t deal effectively with Government to get their cause heard.

They do work for Greenpeace, and Rio Tinto, and the local kindergarten; they can help stop bad decisions being made, help offset harmful outcomes, and sometimes help ensure the community gets what it needs.

And you’ll never notice those positive outcomes because they’re not boasted of, nor attributed to the lobbyist – the client gets the credit, and the lobbyist is only mentioned when the outcome or process becomes notorious.

About Mike Smith

Partner in Ethical Consulting Services:; Ethical strategies and programs which get you where you need to go ... * Exceptional government & stakeholder relations, * Thriving governance systems, * Specialised project facilitation, * Inbound investment assistance, * Successful marketing, communications and PR campaigns ... and customised training in each of these areas.

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