Lobbying: 6 Things to Know

Policy Cycle, from "Australian Policy Handbook" Althaus, Bridgeman & Davis

Policy Cycle, from “Australian Policy Handbook” Althaus, Bridgeman & Davis

Who makes the decision?  What might persuade or motivate them?  How do you best get that Information to them? These are the 3 vital things you have to know before lobbying.

Three further things to know, supporting your capacity to persuade, are: the internal public service status of your issue; the political status of your issue; and the multiple pressures on the decision-making process.

  1. Who,
  2. What,
  3. How,
  4. Internal status,
  5. Political status,
  6. Influences:

These six things sound simple and few, but behind them can lie great complexity: for example, a decision can be shared by multiple jurisdictions and decision-makers, a briefing note proposing a conflicting solution might already be sitting on the decision-maker’s desk, or you might be seeking something for which you’re already thought unfit.

If you start lobbying before you know at least these six things, you’re not lobbying, you’re flailing; you’re likely wasting time and money, and harming your own prospects.

To know these things: research.

And once you’ve got your facts together, plan – more of which in a future post.

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