DON’T Increase Awareness

aids ribbon (1)It drives me nuts, because it’s lazy, ineffectual, and wastes money – and I see it at the core of so many marketing/comms plans and strategies: their objective is to “increase awareness” of XYZ.

Not good enough!

I don’t care what the marketing/communication plan is about, if the objective isn’t to change behaviour, then it’s inadequately thought out, inadequately focussed, just inadequate – and quite possibly delivers nothing concrete.  Increasing awareness may be a step along the road, but it’s only an early step: the steps after awareness include motivating, and enabling, changed behaviour.

Lindt* tell you their chocolate is the most satisfying.  They don’t want you to be aware of that – they want you to act on it; their ads don’t just tell you they are the best, they try to give you reasons to act on that assertion.  Then, Lindt make sure their product is accessible and you can readily put your hands on a block of Lindt rather than, say, a block of Cadbury.

Likewise lobbying – businesses can’t justify spending money on mere awareness-raising with Government – there has to be a concrete commercial objective.

Even cause marketing or political marketing/communications should be the same – there should be an explicit or implicit demand for changed behaviour, and, somewhere in the marketing mix, new behaviour needs to be made convenient.

*Disclaimer – I eat quite a lot of Lindt chocolate.

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